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Town of Springfield Planning Commission

The Town of Springfield is looking for individuals to fill four vacancies on the Town of Springfield Planning Commission.  The Commission will hold one regular meeting each month, time and date to be determined.  The Planning Commission serves as the Town’s planning agency, holds public hearings and reviews development proposals, ordinance amendments, and zoning cases.  Planning Commissioners must be residents of the Town of Springfield; if you are interested in serving on the Planning Commission, please send a letter stating your qualifications to the Town of Springfield at 748 Main St.  Please contact Town Hall with questions regarding the Planning Commission 719-523-4528.

Upcoming Events

                                        ARPA Vacancy

The Town of Springfield is looking for an individual to fill a vacancy on the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) Board.  The individual must be a consumer of the Town’s electrical utility and would be required to attend a monthly meeting and an occasional special meeting.  Occasional travel is required.  If interested please send a letter of interest stating your qualifications to the Town of Springfield at 748 Main St.

The Town of Springfield will be randomly fogging for mosquitoes this summer.  The conditions must be right for fogging so we can’t set specific days and times.  We will continue to call the people on our contact list prior to fogging.  If you need to be notified that we will be fogging, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 523-4528.   

Bill Payment Option

The Town of Springfield is pleased to announce that you can now pay your utility bill online. By simply clicking on the link above labeled Utility Bill-Traffic Payment you are now able to pay your utility bill along with any traffic violation payment you may need to make.

Roosters In Town
We have had numerous complaints about roosters within the city limits of Springfield.  While Ordinance #321 allows for the keeping of chickens, it clearly states “The keeping of roosters over 6 months of age is prohibited.”  We are asking any resident that has a rooster to please remove the rooster from your property.   Some neighbors do not want to hear the rooster crowing night and day and this disturbs people who work nights and sleep days.  We would appreciate your help with this problem.  


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